Sunday, May 8, 2011


Just arrived Singapore, San Sebastian, Spain, 26-hour trip.
Salt Lake City, come in Spring.
Over the salt flats a hailstorm brought you back to me.

Here it comes (I'm carried away)

Departure, Godspeed, bless his heart, good boy.
What a fuck-up, what a fighter.
A free-fall, motorcycle, hang-glider,
Hung on the line like a poison spider.
Win a eulogy from William Greider,
Car crash, ptomaine, disposable lighter,
A bus plunge, avalanche, a vinegar cider.
Free-fall, motorcycle, hang-glider.

Here it comes, back.
Back again,
Go! Go! Go! Go! yeah....
Well, everybody is young forever.
There's so much to tell you, so little time.
I've come a long way since the whatever,
Shit, I still see a word, think of you.
There is so much that I can't do, yeah.
You will be young forever too.

But there's just so much that I can't do.

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