Saturday, August 1, 2015

Letters Never Sent Are Words Never Said

This song is based in part by a letter never sent (& oddly enough their song Letter Never Sent was released some 13 years earlier/that's a lil' eerie in itself...but I digress).

It was a letter he wrote at 4:00a.m. on a bus ride---it was intended for River Phoenix but sadly his sudden death crushed any intentions Stipe had of mentoring the lad to good health & sobriety.

This fame thing, I don't get it

The songs on the album Monster; one called You and another one I think were an homage to Kurt whom had died a mere five months after River.

Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), Flea (RHCP) and Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands) were inside the Viper Room on stage playing when Phoenix died out front on the side walk with Joquin & their sister watching him convulse. So sad.

This star thing, I don’t get it

In the movie Blow when JDepp says if you did cocaine in the nineteen eighties it was probably mine. I hollered out, "I did your coke brah!" then a handful of authentic airheads in the theater started yelling out how they had done his dope too. I thought, hey, that is my joke they are hitching their wagons to.
But what a stupid thing to be proud of...  I was kidding but I realized then how many ordinary folks get trapped in that cycle of decay and rot.

Aluminum tastes like fear

I rarely even take aspirin or NyQuil--only natural herbs & spices for me... like myrrh, thyme, peyote, stinky buds (basically anything spelt with a -y it looks like).

But seriously, my credo used to be; If my body can't fix it--it ain't broke! Until I broke my foot & it put an end to that fucking credo bullshit. A crying shame too; I had some good ones. Like: Never raise your hand to strike a child/ that leaves your groin area vulnerable. (I needa tweet that)

Adrenaline, it pulls us near

Society is way too used to watching trains go off the track in spectacular fashion. Just Like Anna Nicole Smith. Everyone knew she had derailed asleep at the wheel. And Amy Winehouse/poor thang wrote a god damn song bout how she wasn't going to rehab/red light red light! Mike Starr was on Dr Drew's rehab show only months before his o.d. Now he's joined Layne.

Then there are the silent addicts like Heath Leger & Phillip Seymour Hoffman/ only their inner circle knows there's a high speed train going into a curve 3 times the speed limit...
These corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet.
It's hard to watch a friend die from their beloved drug of choice/I been there. 22 days on a machine/everyone coming in to say goodbye to an empty shell.  He left us the night he took 5 oxycottons with 22+ Xanax then fell sleep in front of a whole keg party that "let him rest."

But what can you do?  Oddly enough at the funeral a couple bubbly teens (that hardly even knew Aaron) squeeze in to take a selfie with the casket___ that's when the insult starts to sting  & suddenly the tears [all of them] seem cheap, rehearsed and frankly a bit competitive.
Losses like that one become buried somewhere in the shame & guilt.

The smell of fear, I got it

Here is Letter Never Sent by R.E.M.

these last two photos show River & Kurt fucked up

I felt it was needed to fully grasp the weight of two senseless drug deaths & the unknown art we will never know

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chairmen of the Bored

When man crafted the very first chair some 43,000 years ago his intent hinged upon "a spot to relax" (& arguably drape one leg over the side). It didn't take long to realize this was a terrific idea & a great way to seduce one another. Thus leading to him to invent the "matching sofa" where they could lay beside each other and explore their sexual desires more comfortably. Within a couple thousand years man was inventing all sorts of things to have sex on like the kitchen table, bathroom vanity and the ever popular staircase (which led to the discovery of the "upstairs" where guys could fuck away from the prying eyes of the women folk and plus the kids wouldn't be watching so much either).
Chairs have come a long way since those earlier times, but one thing has remained basically unchanged. Guys still love to drape one leg over the side (or arm of the chair) so they can tug and pull at their junk better.

Brad is a "pointer-sitter" in bloom on a weathered pine lawn chair

Larry the Stable Guy leans back with a classic aluminum chair & can

Preston is teasing his sphincter on this delightful 1940's maple highboy
Merle enjoys a beer in this gorgeous Adirondack lounge chair
Don spots a zit on Jim's butt in this plush maroon velour rocker & ottoman
Indiana hangs-out in a 4oo yr old hand crafted Spanish alter piece

Baghead Update: Neiman Marcus & a 1930's French Art Deco perch

Clive is pissed off on this ordinary American kitchen chair (ca.1980)

Derek gloats at himself in this blue-green tweed rocker

Blair beats his meat in the heat on this worn wooden camping chair

Dillon stretches out on this hand carved walnut throne so Cory can blow him

Leonard puts his feet up on this leather recliner while his mom is gone

Leif tries numerous positions on this artist designed chair from the 1950's

Omar is attached to an oak dinning chair that also comes in cherry

Ezrin's nuts swell wonderfully on this Hilton-towel covered collapsible chair

Wren's dick points up as he lays back in this soft cobalt blue lounge

Vladimir is head over heels for this 1960's era two tone rocking chair

Russ plays good-cock bad-cock on an authentic white metal jail chair

Mitch admires his dick against the rich finish on this 21st cent shaker revival