Thursday, November 27, 2014

Skincrete VII: Pulling Beauty from Weathered & Broken Surfaces

Please forgive the time lapse since my last post. I've been restructuring my life and hopefully I have it back on track now. Here are a few things I've been playing with these past months. Please enjoy and feel free to critique and comment.


Battle of Carthage: Rusty

White Collar Times

How To Look When You're In Denver

Mapplethorpe Homage

Turquoise Tee

Manhattan Rain Forest

Cherry Red Sequins

Skincrete XXIV: Cy Twombly

Georgia Peach Triptych

Untitled VII: Clay

Weathering a Self Exam

Texas Longhorn

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013--Fresh Meat

Sausages, premium cuts of beef, a little pork and certainly some jerky to be sure. Okay, that was lame lol... 

Seems like the new year will have it's fair share of puns, lazy eye metaphors, weak prose and the occasional attempt at humor (generally missed attempts I'll admit) just as in previous times, but rest assured the eye candy will still be well worth the speed bumps and pot-holes. And let me quickly say, thank you to all for stopping by and especially to my loyal followers/you guys are terrific. Please feel free to drop off suggestions you may have for themes or posts you want to see and we'll see what we can do to make your fantasy materialize. Remember my friends, I may be afraid of heights but I'm not afraid of widths... yeah, I don't know what that means either lol---just sounds cool I think... so... yeah... here I am again. lol. Sup?

Cheers to the new year and with your permission we'll light this firecracker! If Someone wants to holler, "and boom goes the dynamite." to officially get us started....

Yours sincerely, Gusty_______  

Just a few new canvases/some reworked classic wallpapers in bright monochromatic color schemes. 

Some are vested with sophistication and sensuality

while others are naughty as hell

or down right raunchy

 even vulgar filth has a pony in this race

I might add, several delve into taboo subject matter---but not too kinky!

dare I say, there is something here for everyone anyone someone [at least]

I submit, one needs a small dose of "crazy" after a brutal day of breaking rocks for The Man

collage is fun and good for you too...makes you think outside the box

Hey, nice belt Gary, did you get it at the Banana Republic?

Like Russian roulette requires a gun___perhaps sex hinges on a specific force as well...a secret ingredient...a governing factor...a match to ignite the fuel... Romance? Toys? Imagination? God NO! But something for sure. Perhaps all it takes is the mere scent of a hot sweaty shirt or the scruff of five o'clock shadow pressing against ones cheek? Mmmmm, deliciously dirty underpants held to ones face in a euphoric huffing before someone comes! 

Nasty (for lack of a better word) is a neccessary thing. Only thing now is to determine to what degree of nasty you need/or rather want...because you do want it....we all do.

 but isn't that what makes it all the more exciting...

Yet I believe some of the stronger pieces might be used to titillate the
ocular impulses for a more robust cerebral intake...dare I say, "art?" Oh not High Art by any stretch or even fine craftsmanship, but on some level an attempt to flesh out the essence of an imagery that has long ago been tried and convicted of crimes against morality and proper dress codes without losing all the erotic fervor one expects on a common porn site.

oooo, where's my pole----I'm going fishin'

oh yeah, this one gets a persons cock blood to pumping all proper___amirightorwhat?

you come to me with positions

you come to me with a comb in your hand

ducked out in a row
you wear me out
junk , a chunk of junk
honey dripper
if God didn't make little green apples then I need you to explain this to me! uh huh...pretty eerie don't you think?

when touch becomes feel
ghosts are here, and dark is the way to bright

risk a fist?

no guts no glory

a sense of freedom in the country feedback
in the confines of a forbidden room we can relax

step up

go deeper

take a bit more

advice: enjoy each moment as if it were yours alone

 Do me a solid dude...make a mark---your mark. even if it gets erased, painted over or fades away you still made it! and for all of eternity no one can take that from you...
sometimes it is hard to determine who is being submissive ____ maybe because a master wears chains as well as any slave does/you just have to understand that some things are invisible doesn't mean they aren't there

make a choice---lead or follow (or get out the fucking way!) you can decide!

but always remember too---if you choose not to decide, a choice has still been made
so do yourself a solid bro! work hard and play hard......hard is just more awesomer than flaccid

lastly, ...whatever else happens... always dance like nobody's watching