Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is a project I came up with for my "straight curious" buds. I hope it answers a few questions they may be having when considering a healthy hole in which to put their dicks, hehehehee

Okay, for future reference we will try not to use the "V" word in our blog after this. It makes some peeps get piss shivers, it just plain grosses others out and it scares the fuck out of a few of us that have encounters one of the damned things in real life, lol.
So from here on out we'll refer to it as "the Beef." Agree? No? Well, get over it! We're calling it the beef and that's all there is to it! hehe

A gentleman's guide to understanding the dangers involved when encountering the Vagina in it's natural habitat

Sushi; perhaps the closest some of us have actually gotten to eating pussy

WARNING: Vaginas can be tricky and have been known to use deceptive methods on their prey

A chart I made to kinna give us an idea what exactly a Vagina consists of

A comparative chart to better understand the simplicity of a good cock

There are kits available to help better understand certain aspects of the Vagina
WARNING: The following picture may not be appropriate for all viewer, please use discretion.

Beware of the Tit (generally found in pairs) or Titties, they are in cahoots with the Vagina

I want those shoes! I wonder where she got em at?

oh god, poor Bruce WillisI bet he is still traumatized from that whole "fucking Demi" thing, but I really had no idea the obstacles he had to endure.

I got that same thong...Victoria's Secret: not just for girls anymore... that oughta be their new motto

ewww nasty


some Vaginas keep themselves shaved thinking it will look innocent and help lure unsuspecting cock, but don't be fooled guys, it is still a vicious predator!

And be cautious of phrases like, "See, I got a butthole too." Apples and oranges people, apples and oranges!

What the fuck is she grinning about, that thing looks infected to me!

I can't tell if that's posta be that big or if it's just swollen from being over worked

**just got a piss shiver and threw up a little in my mouth**


Those are some nice pumps, but nevertheless, I hate walking through the mall and seeing things like this. Some Vaginas have no shame!

Some Vaginas look like teeny weeny dicks hanging down

again, WTF? I think she might be a bear! You know? One of those female bears yer always hearing about...

Here we see the Vagina using it's anus to entice unsuspecting cocks

I have that thong too, well, one kinda like it

going commando

I want that thong too...I have the perfect tank top that would go with it!

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