Friday, October 28, 2011

Suck It Up Gentlemen!

12% adults still suck their thumbs

Nearly half of all British adults admit to carrying on childhood comfort habits, with 24% still sleeping with a toy

Many grown ups are unable to give up comforting baby and toddler habits, a survey of 1,451 men and women aged 18 and over has revealed.
The survey, conducted by, found that while 76% of the people asked admitted to once having a childhood habit, 41% said that they’ve been unable to stop as they’ve grown older.

An amazing 10% still have a blankie and 21% have to sleep with the light on. The survey also revealed that, of the grown ups who admitted to sleeping with a childhood toy, 79% had a stuffed animal, and 46% couldn’t sleep without their toy.

The Top five childhood habits adults still have are:

•    Sleeping with a childhood toy - 24%
•    Sleeping with a light on – 21%
•    Sucking a thumb/ finger – 12%
•    Owning a comforter/ blanket – 10%
•    Stroking skin/ soft items – 8%

So naturally I did some surveyin' of my own and here's what I got...

The Top five habits grown men have

•    Masturbating with toy - 16%
•    Sleeping with only socks on – 19%
•    Sucking a thumb/ finger – 22%
•    Sucking cock – 35%
•    Stroking skin flute – 94%

So suck it up gentlemen, I submit we're normal by my statistics

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